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7 Series Front Interior

Lease a BMW 7 Series Today

BMW has outdone itself with the 7 Series. Prepare yourself to be introduced to a vehicle that will change how you view driving and travel. This is a car that genuinely changes the concept of luxury, packaged in a sedan that drives like it was built for Daytona.

Explore the depth of design that brings revolutionary technology into practical application and brings pleasure and joy to all who get a ride.

The 7 Series is more than a car. It is an experience, and this is just the beginning of how it achieves such impressive renown.

Exquisite Luxury

The 7 Series fully surpasses any and all expectations for comfort and luxury. Unprecedented levels of legroom make way for features that prioritize an enjoyable drive. Massaging seats, footrests and a full range of controls give every passenger, even those in the back seat, a pleasurable experience on every trip.

A 16 speaker sound system combines with onboard Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity to provide the highest quality of entertainment, and 10-inch screens and wireless charging pockets are available for each passenger.

7 Series Front Interior

Groundbreaking Technology

The automotive industry is in an arms race for technological advances, but everyone is chasing BMW. The 7 Series is a flagship of innovation, starting with command interface. A removable 7-inch tablet grants easy-access control to anyone in the car. Drivers can evolve beyond touch screens and use exclusive gesture control to access and direct navigation, road information and entertainment.

While every manufacturer dabbles with assisted driving, the Series 7 can provide driverless valet. The intelligent system safely parks and un-parks itself with a remote order. Speaking of remotes, even the key is advanced. It has a full touch-enabled LCD display and can be used to control and access the vehicle remotely, letting you preheat or condition the car and even upload maps and routes from your smartphone.

White 7 Series Exterior

Fall in Love With Driving

As amazing as the features of the 7 Series are, the real reason to lease a BMW is for the driving experience. The car is stocked with a 445 horsepower V8 twin turbo engine. It can achieve 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds, and all of that power is available on a hybrid model that is rated with an EPA-estimated 64 MPG. What really makes the 7 Series such a pleasure to drive is the control.

A unique carbon core is lighter and more durable, enabling the vehicle to handle greater torque and cornering. Adaptive driving modes automatically adjust dynamic dampers, steering ratios and transmission responses to make even the most adverse road conditions feel mundane. All of this rests atop an intelligent chassis that utilizes cameras and advanced sensors to bring historic levels of stability to your drive. This is a vehicle that gives you command over the road like you have never experienced before.

The best part of the 7 Series is that you can have one without the debt of buying a BMW. One of the most advanced machines on the planet can be yours with a very affordable lease. Take the challenge and test drive a 7 Series. You’ll rediscover love at first sight, and you’ll never doubt that this is the vehicle you have dreamed to drive your whole life.

7 Series White Front
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