BMW 5 Series Leasing Deals

BMW 5 Series Overview
BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series Leasing Deals

The 5 Series offers an unparalleled ride that effortlessly blends form and function into one highly capable machine. Getting a sedan with this much style and sophistication turns an ordinary drive into a highly memorable touring experience. Sporty performance, intelligent appointments, divine comfort and a stunning look that projects power and confidence are hallmarks of the 5 Series. For the discerning driver, no detail is too small and no component is arbitrarily added. The entire vehicle is designed to wrap you in elegance and comfort while giving you a commanding view of the road.

BMW 5 Series - Trunk

A Perfectly Balanced Vehicle

Features and options are what other vehicles promote. With the 5 Series, you get appointments that enhance your life. From the premium Nappa Leather to an exceptional navigation system with intuitive controls, this vehicle anticipates your next move and prepares you to arrive exactly as planned. The interior of the vehicle feels organically grown as every component in the vehicle is tailor-made to wrap your curves around its body. You'll feel every bit like this vehicle is made especially for you with exquisite stitching and time-saving voice command features.

Optional 20-way multi-contour seats give you comfort that you've never experienced in a vehicle before. Get the perfect position to launch your day into activity, and enjoy more power and control at your fingertips with the iDrive touchpad controller. Drive to an address or dial a contact by using your finger to write it out.

BMW 5 Series

Performance to Arouse Your Senses

While other vehicles make boast a fast take-off, the 5 Series offers living proof that not all specifications are created equal. As you take off from a cold-start, you'll feel a breath of clean air as the vehicle effortlessly accelerates to 60 miles per hour in just 4.3 sleek and velvety smooth seconds. Forget the morning coffee. This vehicle injects adrenaline directly into your body and mind and prepares you to conquer the day. When you get behind the wheel of this 445 horsepower powerhouse, you'll feel the strength, control and stability that separates a true luxury vehicle from all the rest.

Part of what makes this vehicle so nimble is the aerodynamic structure and highly refined shape and materials. The vehicle is crafted with a suspension made from high-grade aluminum that promises to give you a smooth ride no matter where your life takes you. While you're on the road or moving slowly in traffic, the Stop and Go Cruise Control system will keep you a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

BMW 5 Series

Make Your Presence Known

You know what it takes to succeed, and you're well aware that part of success is the level of presence you exude when you walk into a room. With the ultra-confident but never rude 5 Series, you'll experience driving confidence like you never thought possible. Adaptive LED headlights corner and stick to those turns with you. Lane Departure Warning systems alert you if you're getting a bit too ambitious in your effortless attempts to conquer the freeway. A heads-up display gives you additional information so you don't ever have to sink your eyes to the floor.

Part of making your presence known is being aware of others around you. The Active Blind Spot Detection alerts you if a vehicle is lurking in your blind spots. You'll feel the steering wheel vibrate and see a warning light blink on the correct side-view mirror so that you can avoid a potentially devastating collision.

BMW 5 Series Sunroof

Lease Your Way to Freedom

The BMW car leasing program gives you a way to take this vehicle home without all of the worries of ownership. Sign up for one of our leasing packages, and we'll get you into this vehicle today. When your contact is up, simply bring your vehicle back and we'll get you into a new vehicle. It's a no hassle and no stress way to always have the latest technology at your fingertips.

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