BMW 5 Series

The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW proudly proclaims their offerings the ultimate driving machines. They do so for good reason. Few automobile companies can boast the kind of lineup that BMW does. A BMW is not merely a mode of transportation; owning one is a statement. BMW offers a series of performance-luxury cars that are unlike any other, providing an exhilarating driving experience that will last dependably for years while aging gracefully. No company makes vehicles that drive as well as BMW does.

BMW 5 Series

BMW's Bigger and Better Sedan

The BMW 5 series is a legacy that has a rich history. The 5 series has been BMW's competitor in the mid-size sedan category for over forty years, a time period that saw BMW go from a luxury-car company with limited mainstream appeal to one of the highest selling brands in the world.

The new 2020 BMW 5 Series offers all the great things that have always made BMW such a wonderful performance-luxury-car: the finest engineering and the most cutting edge technology. The BMW 5 series comes not only with more space for enhanced driver and passenger comfort, all with an unrivaled appearance of refinement and excellence.

The luxury is not superficial. Every detail in the interior is pored over relentlessly, with engineers working tirelessly to make sure is perfect. No element is too minute: the stitching on the Napa leather is checked repeatedly to ensure evenness and aesthetic adherence.

The 5-Series comes complete with the exceptionally engineered BMW infotainment system, which keeps the driver connected at all times without taking their hands off the wheel. With just a few simple swipes, the driver is capable of controlling any and every aspect of the powerfully integrated software, from changing the radio station to making a phone call or pulling up the intuitive navigation system.

BMW 5 Series

You Can't Price Perfection

The old adage is that you get what you pay for. If you want the best, you'll have to pay for the best. While that might seem like a declaration of sorts, it might actually be good news; not only are BMW's incredible vehicles, they're also surprisingly affordable. Over the course of a finance or lease agreement, a BMW might only cost an extra $50 - $100 per month, which is more than offset by the fantastic value the vehicles offer to those who drive them.

BMW is offering a number of finance and lease options that can help you fit the ultimate driving machine into your budget. The options and offers currently available makes the BMW the best luxury-car option in the world, exceptional and affordable.

BMW 5 Series Interior

Why not see how low you can get your monthly payments? Better yet, with the perpetual march of forward progress ongoing, why not look into a BMW lease so you can always have the latest and greatest BMW vehicles on offer, year after year? A lease comes BMW's guarantee for maintenance which will keep the performance-car's performance at maximum at all times, even after a year or two of driving.

No matter which option you would rather chose, there are a number of available BMW's at your local dealership that are simply

No Time Like The Present

Reading about the BMW 5 Series is fine, but the ultimate driving performance needs to be felt to be understood. Why read about the finest performance-luxury-cars on the road when you can drive them? Come find out how affordable the ultimate driving machine can be by visiting your local dealer. Schedule a test drive today.

BMW 5 Series Overview
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