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BMW 4 Series


The BMW 4 Series is an overture of everything people love about automobiles. Powering the vehicle is a TwinPower Turbo engine that utilizes 300 horsepower and can go from 0- 60 in just 4.6 seconds. The extreme torque and pristine handling are built atop an innovative, electronically damped sport suspension and utilize the most advanced driver assistance technology to give you the ultimate driving experience without sacrificing safety or efficiency. An EPA-estimated 35 mpg on the highway backs up the claim that you really can have it all with this car.

4 Series - Interior


Inside the 4 Series you should expect nothing less than extreme luxury. Body-hugging auto seats optimize your driving while maintaining unparalleled comfort, and a range of leather options give the car the high-class feeling you should expect. All of your technology is fully accessible as hands-free connectivity gives you full access to your devices through voice commands or steering wheel controls.

4 Series - Performance


The 4 Series comes in three distinct body types: coupe, gran coupe and convertible. Each style comes in a variety of trims, giving you a full range of customization, ensuring that your 4 Series is a perfect fit. Each trim has more than a dozen exquisite colors, enabling you to express yourself while enjoying advanced design elements that make the aggressive style as functional as it is mesmerizing.

4 Series - Convertible


The automotive industry is in a constant race to improve every facet of car design, and the 4 Series is a leader even among the best. The 4 Series utilizes the best driver’s assistance tools to give you more control and safety than has ever before been possible.

A surround view camera system eliminates the notion of a blind spot and commands assistance tools that help you park, maintain lanes and avoid collisions. Night vision and a heads up display make it easier for you to maintain perfect control of your vehicle even in adverse conditions. Even the headlights are advanced, with adaptive LEDs that respond to your driving to make sure the path is optimally illuminated.

4 Series - Driver Console

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This is an amazing vehicle, but you don’t get one just for the name or the pride. The 4 Series is your chance to celebrate your love of vehicles and driving. You can treat yourself to the experience you have always wanted without sinking into debt. Don’t hold back. Instead, seize this opportunity to live the life you want and fulfill a dream you’ve held for so long. Sit in the driver’s seat just once, and you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

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