BMW 4 Series

BMW 4 Series Profile

BMW 4 Series vehicles are powerful and sleek. On the road, they handle well because the designs have aerodynamic elements. If you’d like to lease an automobile that has an aggressive style with elegant accents, any of the 4 Series vehicles are worth considering.

4 Series

Each Car is Quick

The engineers equipped each 4 Series vehicle with a highly efficient motor, which can reach 60 mph in under a minute. All of the cars are fast because they have an engine that produces up to 300 horsepower.

Thanks to the Air Breathers, performance never suffers; these innovative components are found behind the wheel arches. They increase efficiency by decreasing drag so that the engine will save more fuel.

Coupe Overview

The Coupe is a great lease option if you need a vehicle that has racing elements. This automobile has a nice exterior design, which includes:

  • A wide chassis
  • Smooth lines
  • A low frame

During difficult driving situations, the Coupe never loses power because it has a 50/50 weight distribution system. If the automobile hits a bump, the frame won’t damage; instead, the sophisticated suspension system will absorb the impact.

BMW 4 Series Driver Console

Grand Coupe Details

The Grand Coupe is a larger vehicle and has plenty of cargo space. Sporty features are included with this automobile, so it’s a great lease choice for anyone who cares about performance.

In the cabin, there is a full-color display unit that projects valuable driving information onto the windshield. Besides performance data, the system also displays songs and an icon that changes the radio station.

Under the hood, you’ll find an 8-speed transmission system that provides a smooth driving experience. The company wanted a more versatile vehicle; this is why the engineers give the Grand Coupe additional gears to boost performance.

4 Series - Convertible

4 Series Convertible Features and Functions

The 4 Series Convertible was designed strategically; as a result, the top drops within 20 seconds. Although there are many convertibles in the market, this automobile is the first one to include xDrive. Thanks to the innovative features and useful technologies in the cabin, the 4 Series Convertible is an ideal option for people who need reliable and efficient transportation.

The most innovative tool is the neck warmer system, which increases comfort on cold days. Each warmer has three settings and several outputs that blast air onto a passenger.

4 Series

If you choose the technology package, you’ll get tons of beneficial information during road trips. The system:

  • Projects driving speed
  • Displays navigation maps
  • Provides traffic alerts

Lease opportunities are available at the nearest dealership in your area. The 4 Series vehicles are worth leasing because typical automobiles aren’t as luxurious or elegant.

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