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Few car brands are as identifiable by a signature model as the BMW is with its legendary 3 series. For over 40 years, BMW has been identifiable by its 3 series, a brilliantly engineered performance car that combines an elegantly refined style with pure automotive power.

The 3 Series has always combined meticulous luxury with an exhilarating driving experience. BMW prides itself on being The Ultimate Driving Machine, and the 3 series is the perfect embodiment of that spirit.

The 2020 BMW 3 comes with a number of options. The 3 can be built with five separate trim specs, two or all-wheel drive, optional gas or diesel drive-train and the 3 series can be built as a sedan, wagon or GT model.

With so many options to choose from, its not surprising that some prospective buyers may find themselves overwhelmed with the available choices; that is why BMW offers exceptionally affordable lease packages that allow an individual to choose what best suits them today with an eye towards picking something more suitable in the near future.

BMW 3 Series - Interior

What The 3 Series Offers

Besides a large, highly customizable lineup, the BMW 3 series has a number of features that would make it among the finest vehicles on the road. Every 3 series comes with the strikingly attractive exterior that is sure to turn heads. The distinctive 3 series appearance is a nod towards BMW's glorious past, infused with a modern sensibility and 40 years of enhanced understanding of aerodynamics.

Looks can only take a car so far, though, which is why BMW builds their cars to be driven. The 3 series comes with a number of features to make the ride as silky smooth or aggressively handling as the driver wishes. With a nearly perfect cross weight balance of 50/50, the BMW is adapt at going any direction the driver wants.

The smallest engine BMW offers for the 3 series produces 180hp and 200lbs of torque, and it only gets better from there, escalating up to the 340's lightweight aluminum 6-cylinder that produces a gaudy 320hp and a breathtaking 330lbs or torque. A car that comes off the line like a rocketship is not enough for the most discerning drivers, of course, which is why BMW offers high performance brakes and the finest sport tuned suspension in its class. No car drives like a BMW, and no car in the 3 series category can keep up.

BMW 3 Series Interior

All of the engine and suspension talk is fine, of course, but its 2016; cars require more than forward motion to impress. BMW has raised the bar on infotainment, offering every imaginable feature in a powerful yet intuitive package that gives the driver complete control. From a useful heads up display to navigation and telephone options, no car so acutely adapts to the needs of its driver as a BMW. On the interior, the 3 series comes with a fastidious attention to detail that ensures every element of the car is perfectly in sync for an unrivaled aesthetic of cohesive perfection.

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The Best, Surprisingly Affordable

With all these features, some perspective car shoppers might begin to wonder if its all too good to be true. BMW's are known for quality, not for their value as cheap cars, of course, and that's to be expected. If you want the best, you have to be willing to pay for the best.

BMW offers a number of competitive financing options, as well as a full lineup of available lease options. BMW leases come with a number of excellent features that should attract the eye of anyone looking for the best car without wanting to break the bank to get it.

A BMW lease program includes routine maintenance options that will keep the 3 series at its peak performance, just as it should be.

With these affordable purchase or lease options available, why read about the brilliantly exceptional 3 series when you can drive one? Feel The Ultimate Driving Machine for yourself! Stop by our location today.

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