BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series
BMW 3 Series - Interior

For more than 40 years, the BMW has been a mark of quality cars that exude a sense of elegance and a sense of efficiency. The BMW 3 is simply a step in this long legacy. It brings newer features together with tried and true qualities that have made the BMW a favorite brand for decades.

The BMW 3 Series models have all the signature design qualities that make the BMW models so distinct. The designs are streamlined and efficient, a callback to the ever popular sports sedans that made the BMW what it is today. The BMW looks stunning from every angle, with intricate inlets in the front and a striking rear bumper.

The streamlined design gives its own standing on the road during the day, while at night the design makes a statement with special LED technology in the front and back lights.

The BMW 3 also has excellent interior design. With a mixture of high-quality materials and a sleek design, the interior design of the BMW 3 is one that is not only sleek, but also comfortable. The dashboard is complimented with chrome surrounds and the trims are done with high-gloss, making it look permanently sophisticated and clean.

BMW 3 Series - Back

However, it is not the design alone that makes the 3 Series live up to the BMW name. The engine can give the driver 320 horsepower, with precise steering and excellent suspension. Nonetheless, it is not these qualities that make these models remarkable. These cars specialize in balanced weight distribution that keeps the cars running smoothly and evenly, in a manner that is nearly unparalleled in other models.

The BMW 3 also comes with cutting edge technology that makes the ride simpler and more comfortable. The Head-Up Display keeps the driver focused on the road, making each trip safer and giving the driver extra confidence. iDrive allows the driver to customize their drive by choosing which features to focus on and incorporate into their driving. Similarly, iPerformance helps the driver maximize their efficiency, coupling with the excellent balance to give the driver and passengers a clean, elegant trip each time.

The BMW 3 stays true to what has always made the BMW great, but it incorporates technology and sleek designs to make it a modern and fresh series. Each model in the series is a beautiful model that will please both the loyal BMW user and those looking to update to the latest models.

BMW 3 Series - Exterior
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